Stage Curtain

A – Velvet for the front curtains or house curtain for the stage, 100% Trevira CS, M1, 1,4m width


The front curtain (also called a grand drape, act curtain, house curtains, house drape or main drapes) hangs upstage of the proscenium arch. It is usually made from heavyweight material as its purpose is to hide the stage and muffle sounds. For this kind of stage curtains we suggest you our velvet fabrics Sylvia, which comes with 500g/m², 25 different colours and 100% Trevira CS.

B – Velvet, 100% Cotton, M1 / 1,4m width and Moleskin fabrics, 100% Cotton M1, 300g/m, 3m width


Teasers and tormenters are horizontal and vertical curtains (respectively) that obscure portions of the stage and act to reduce the size of the proscenium. These can also be called legs or border.

C – Soundcurtain


D – Gauze or Scrim , M1, 100% Cotton and also 100% Trevira CS


A scrim is curtain made of a special fabric ( e.g. Gauze) that is opaque when lit from the front, but transparent when backlit. A backdrop is a painted curtain that hangs in the back of the stage to indicate scenery. For these stage curtains we suggest our gauzes.

E – Cyclorama, 100% Cotton, M1


A single curtain which covers the entire opening by moving horizontally is called a wipe. For this stage curtain we suggest our Toile Cyclo fabric.

F –  Voile and Organza fabrics for the austrian style , 100% Polyester, M1, 3m width


Austrian Curtain

G – Drapery & Blackout Fabrics


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